Full name Mr. Rathnayaka Hasitha
status old
Last visited year 2017
Last visited month December
Last visited dates Not sure - Not sure
Medium Sinhala
Gender male
Married yes
Date of birth 29/07/1981
age 38
Mobile 777521360
landline 0
address No.300 kaluthara srilanka
English fluency -
Sinhala fluency Verry well
Nationality Srilankan
heart issuse no-
mental issuse no-
Teaching meditation ? no-
Teach yoga, tai-chi, chi kung, reiki or other ? NO
Daily practice of meditation Between One and Two Hours
How important meditation in life This is the most important thing in my life
How many retreats done so far? Up to 2
Have observed the rule of noble silence in previous retreat? yes-
Dietary preferences no-
can eat spicy food ? NO
Anyone applying for the retreat with you? no-